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Designed with you in mind, empowering you to thrive

Jora recognises that wellness is a multi-faceted and continuous process. It is unique for each individual. This reinforces the need for a holistic and client centred approach. It is not about perfection. At Jora we help empower individuals with the correct tools and support from people with the right skills to enable optimal wellness that will in turn enhance their overall health and quality of life.

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Our Wellness services are designed to Know, Engage and Manage your needs in a holistic and measurable way. It adopts an improvement methodology which is continuous, sustainable and evidence based. A few of its services are:


Our assessments are designed to 'Know' you better to then offer a personalised service. We use technology to deliver our assessments effectively and use this as a baseline measure in the wellness improvement cycle. Our assessments are evidence based and the outcomes are always accessible via a secure platform. You always have access to a personal wellbeing coordinator who assesses your needs and reviews and makes recommendations.

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Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. We use yoga as one of the interventions to improve physical & mental health. Our yoga teachers are very experienced and we offer personalised or group sessions. Our sessions are delivered virtually or in person at our premises.

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We offer complimentary services like acupuncture, podiatry, aromatherapy, massage and osteopathy. These services can be availed of independently or as part of a wellness program. 

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We offer personalised or group stress management sessions. These are administered by health care professionals experienced and trained in this domain. Our stress management technique is delivered in a measurable and sustainable way that helps you lead a noticeably improved quality of life.

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Our corporate program is a tailored service designed to improve health and wellness within your organisation. Its unique programme has been designed to give measurable benefits to you and your employees. It uses a proactive model of 'Know, Engage and Manage' to deliver a program of continuous improvement using key processes, people, technology delivered within the right environment.

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We have crafted coaching as an intervention in mind, so people have support and accountability to make lasting lifestyle changes. It is intended to compliment, support and empower your wellness journey. Jora has created a process of combining occupational therapy models with evidence based coaching systems, so that if you are willing to put the work in, you will reap positive results.

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