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Using a Touch Phone


Decisively Portal

The Technology was co-designed by health care professionals and end users who completely understand what matters to you. It has been designed and produced to deliver safe, effective, efficient interventions in the health and wellbeing continuum.

Decisively is a citizen centric healthcare portal that allows you to connect with your health and wellness team at your convenience. 

Citizen Centric

The features and functions revolve around what matters for the citizen. Our strict access control policies ensure that data is secure and only accessed on a need to know basis with prior consent. The solutions have been designed to support non tech user. 

Cloud based

Our Portal is a multi-tenant cloud application built on a robust architecture.  It is hosted in an Azure environment and we utilise the built-in security services within Azure which include unparalleled security intelligence to secure our application from threats. 

Data & AI Dirven

Data driven insights within our application empower our customers to make better decisions with data, every day. We provide business intelligence for our corporate customers to help improve health and wellbeing within the organisation.  


We have incorporated wearables within the citizen centric workflows and for care providers to gain key insights for better informed decision making. It enables efficient contextualised and responsive interactions between the care provider and recipient.   

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