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A Practice with Passion

Our health and wellness programmes are delivered in the appropriate environments best suited for our clients. We believe that the choosing the correct environment to engage has an impact on outcomes. The environment can affect your mood, impact your behaviour and motivation to act, facilitate or discourage interactions or create or reduce stress.    


Jora Clinic

Our clinic is designed to facilitate the best client experience. The consulting rooms are equipped to different patient needs. It comprises 5 consulting rooms, a treatment and a conference room.  

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Nature Walk

Natural Environments

We have designed our wellness engagements to incorporate natural environments. This is vital for improving environmental wellbeing. 

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Home Interior

Patient's Home

Often people are constrained to engage in good programmes due to environmental constrains, with more of us staying at home, our programmes are designed to be deliverd within the comfort of your own home.

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We recognise the effect that this environment can have on your health and wellness. Our corporate wellness programme delivers employee driven work place assessments and engagement. 

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