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Population Health

Our aim at Jora is to drive improvements in health and wellness. Through our population health services, we aim to improve the physical and mental health outcomes and wellbeing of people within and across a defined local, regional, or national population while reducing health inequalities.

Population health surveys

We help by conducting population health surveys. The Decisively tool helps in surveying population cohorts to understand the determinants of health and well-being. 


Population health insights

We help provide data-driven insights in the following areas.

  • Wider determinants of health 

  • Health behaviors and lifestyle

  • Local environment 

  • Integrated health and care systems


Population health management

We use our expertise in health informatics and healthcare to provide an evidence-based approach to population health management.


Business Process Outsourcing - Patient surveys

We help healthcare organisations maintain quality by conducting patient feedback. We assist our customers develop a Quality Improvement Strategy within their organisation using lessons learned and evidence-based practice and help drive engagement and attainment of goals.

Healthcare is too important to stay the same, speak to us, and lets explore possibilities together. 

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